June 21, 2020

Money I Spent: Groceries were around $181, which did include some ribs and some steaks and shrimp, and a few other high dollar items. It wasn’t a ton of stuff.

Money I Avoided Spending: Well Boba Tea’s register wasn’t working and they couldn’t read my card, so Ed had to pay for all of our drinks with cash, even though it was supposed to be his Father’s Day treat! He also paid for our big Golden Pride breakfast, and for kiddo’s volleyball lesson. So I owe him a lot for today!!

Money I Made or Found or Saved: eBay: sold a purse for $22.

Use-it-Up Challenge: Have been using up leftovers for lunches and dinners for a while. I like it when we cook something big (beef roast, get a rotiss chicken, or cook a dozen brats) so we can pick on leftovers for multiple days afterward. I also used up another watered-down bottle of old conditioner and reorganized all the shower products so it’s less of a mess in there now.

Thoughts: We had been on the cusp of starting a big home renovation right before Coronavirus attacked the world. We had the tile and contractor picked out and were ready to get started. If we had started the process in March, we would be done by now for sure! It’s a bummer that we are still looking at our disgusting shower, but we do have our HELOC just waiting for us. I have read that some people always have a HELOC on hand for their emergency fund, so I guess you could use it that way, too. I am still very much looking forward to getting our house renovated… especially the shower.

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