June 12, 2020

Money I Spent: $0

Money I Avoided Spending: Didn’t go anywhere other than driving kiddo to physical therapy.

Money I Made or Found or Saved: eBay sold: Old camera for $30, embroidery kit for $12, makeup remove for $14, and a purse for $12.

Use-it-Up Challenge: Facing leftover meatballs for dinner but was not in the mood for meatballs & marinara. Thought about getting something else out of the freezer and starting a whole new meal. But then decided to use the meatballs in a different way, so I made a balsamic reduction (balsamic + red chile flake, simmer to reduce by half) and coated the meatballs with that, and had it alongside a big salad with the last lettuce greens from the garden.

Thoughts: It was sad having to pull out the ends of the lettuce from the garden! I have enjoyed having so much lettuce coming out of there the last few months. I also pulled up half the peas in the high tunnel, too. They were getting very crispy with no new flowers for a week or so. Now I can move some of the potted peppers into that space. This also gives some space to the multiple volunteer tomatillo plants growing out there. You’d think that being similar to both a tomato and a pepper plant would make tomatillos hard to sprout and grow, but they sprout up every year wherever they feel like it, no matter what. Guess we need to learn to like tomatillos this year. I also pulled up almost all of the radish plants, leaving 2 in the high tunnel because the flowers draw a lot of pollinators. The radishes were covered in seed pods, so I stripped all the seed pods off and made a half-jar of cowboy candy with them. (Sugar, apple cider vinegar, turmeric, ginger.) No idea if they’ll be any good. We’ll try them out in a couple of weeks. Too bad radishes aren’t more delicious, because they could potentially have 3 rounds of harvesting — leaves, roots, seed pods. But the roots and seed pods only are ok in small quantities, and the leaves taste like a lawn.

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