May 25, 2020

Mid-May Challenge, Day 14:


DON’T GO INTO A STORE CHALLENGE: Success! Stayed home all day.

EXERCISE CHALLENGE: Success! Went to park for volleyball (just the 2 of us) for about 40 minutes. Even though I have been walking and jogging the past few months, just playing a little pepper gets me winded immediately!

KETO CHALLENGE: Success! I had one tiny bite of kiddo’s latest no-bake cookie dough bites, but I mean a tiny bite. Like 1 tsp worth or less. So 99.5% success. I haven’t been tracking my food, but I’m going to start doing that again Tuesday, 5/27.

EBAY LISTINGS CHALLENGE:  I listed 7 dresses on eBay! Total listing count = 1421. I have 6 things to pack and ship on Tuesday. I need to pick up the pace on eBay. I think now that the garden is kind of fending for itself other than watering, I can put a couple of hours per day into eBay most days.

THOUGHTS: Stay At Home Day 75! Whew!! We are all getting antsy to get back to normal now, see friends, play our various sports, hang out in public, go to dinner, and all those good normal-world things. We need some new hobbies to keep us entertained. (Hence, buying kiddo a drum set, a bass guitar, and all the art supplies she ever asks for. She started teaching herself how to play the piano yesterday out of sheer boredom! ha) For me, I’m going to start lifting weights in the garage. I am turning in to a deep sea squid. I think my priorities while we are still staying home should be health then home then eBay then garden THEN video games. 😀 😀 I will also focus on number of steps per day, and try to hit 10,000 every day. I am going to continue my Mid-May Challenge until June 4, then take June 5 off completely for my birthday and do whatever I want, then on June 6 I will likely start a new 1) Fitness + 2) Fiscal Fast + 3) eBay Listing challenge of some kind.

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