May 23, 2020

Mid-May Challenge, Day 12:

FISCAL FAST CHALLENGE: Spent around… maybe $185 at Smiths? I need to find the receipt. This included some meat, vegetables, various things, cans of wine (my new thing), etc. About $30 at Walgreens for 2 prescriptions and shampoo/conditioner.

DON’T GO INTO A STORE CHALLENGE: Fail, as I went in to Smiths, Walgreens, and Boba Tea.

EXERCISE CHALLENGE: Did not do any official exercise. Lame-o!

KETO CHALLENGE: Fail, as Boba Tea is not keto friendly.

EBAY LISTINGS CHALLENGE:  Listed 8 pairs of pants on eBay! Now on to the dresses.

THOUGHTS: I am totally phoning it in on this today. Sorry! Also I seem to be phoning it in on a lot of my challenges lately. Maybe my challenge was too long, or too many things at one time. I’ll have to come up with a better plan for the next challenge.

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