May 22, 2020

Mid-May Challenge, Day 11:


DON’T GO INTO A STORE CHALLENGE: Success! Didn’t go anywhere but the soccer field.

EXERCISE CHALLENGE: Success! Did a little volleyball for 30 minutes then took a 1-hour walk/jog.

KETO CHALLENGE: Success! I didn’t track my food, but all my foods were keto-friendly. The only bad thing I did was have 3 fat bombs, instead of 2. I had a major sweet tooth and was trying to stay out of the jar of caramel on the counter.

EBAY LISTINGS CHALLENGE: Didn’t get any listings up, but I measured about 6 pairs of pants. I’ll be able to get a bunch of listings up this weekend.

THOUGHTS: I think I’ll go to Smiths this weekend to check out the meat situation again and grab some fresh vegetables. It should be a pretty quick trip, not a 5-hour adventure like some of these shopping trips have been. The garden tomatoes are starting to come on; I saw a couple of little green ones yesterday. We also have a couple of kind of peas with 1″ pods in the high tunnel, and a couple of kinds just hitting the flowering stage outside. Before long, I’ll need to pull up the lettuce and plant something there. I have a bunch of peppers in pots that are in not-great potting soil, so I might move them in there. The radishes are going to seed, so I’m thinking of what to replace them with. I also have large pots with cucumber, watermelon, and various squash seedlings sprouted in the high tunnel. I’ll need to figure out soon where to move them so they have enough room to grow. And lastly, this weekend I HAVE to get the irrigation system finished inside the high tunnel, before the tomato plants start to sprawl.

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