May 20, 2020

Mid-May Challenge, Day 9:

FISCAL FAST CHALLENGE: Spent about $60 on Amazon for some needs (and wants) for around the house. Spent about $14 at Dollar Tree for car decorations for kiddo’s “drive-thru” 8th grade graduation “ceremony.” Spent around $40 at Sprouts for some veggies, berries, cashews, and an $11 bottle of liquid Stevia.

DON’T GO INTO A STORE CHALLENGE: Fail, as I went in to Dollar Tree and Sprouts. Wore a mask to all places and almost everyone I saw had a mask on.

EXERCISE CHALLENGE: Success. Went for a walk/jog for 35 minutes.

KETO CHALLENGE: Success. Actually, I had a small bite of kiddo’s homemade caramel, so not 100% perfect keto today. But pretty dang close.

EBAY LISTINGS CHALLENGE:  Didn’t get anything fully listed today, but I made more drafts. Just need to add photos and measurements. At least I made progress!

THOUGHTS: I did some yard work today that was pretty gross but I’m hoping will pay off. I fertilized about half of all growing veg plants with “fish emulsion” fertilizer, which smells like a bunch of shrimp shells shoved up the butt of a rotting whale carcass. It was fairly diluted so hopefully not wafting over the neighborhood, but standing right over it to pour, mix, and put it on plants was not pleasant. I also planted some day lilies out front to replace some ornamental grasses that didn’t survive the winter.

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