May 19, 2020

Mid-May Challenge, Day 8:

FISCAL FAST CHALLENGE: Success! Zero spent.

DON’T GO INTO A STORE CHALLENGE: Success! To work then to home, no stops!

EXERCISE CHALLENGE: Fail! My laziness won out and I just played Animal Crossing for hours instead.

KETO CHALLENGE: Medium! I did stay on keto all day, but my brussels sprouts at dinner put me over the edge on carbs. They are very carby! So I ended up with 22 g net carbs for the day, which is barely over. I’ll call it a win.

EBAY LISTINGS CHALLENGE: Fail! I worked on drafts of some pants, but didn’t get anything all-the-way listed. It will probably be a few days of making drafts and taking measurements, then one day (maybe Friday or Saturday), I’ll be able to list about 20 things.

THOUGHTS: This is around stay-at-home day 70, give or take a day or two. Just wanted to put that out there. We SHOULD BE getting ready for kiddo’s 8th grade graduation, end of year parties, and so on. We SHOULD BE starting to pack our bags for our Hawaii vacation. We SHOULD BE flying to Maui on Tuesday. But instead, we are chilling at home a lot, working in the garden, playing video games, going for walks and jogs, getting bored, watching TV, cleaning our groceries in the driveway, and wearing masks in public.

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