May 16, 2020

Mid-May Challenge, Day 5:

FISCAL FAST CHALLENGE: Fail. Spent about $350 total between meat and cheese at Smiths and a lot of gardening supplies at Lowe’s. Don’t feel too bad about it though, because I really think we need a well-stocked meat freezer and the prices were reasonable on everything I bought. I also invested in some cheap garden supplies that we’ll be able to use for years (step-in posts to use for trellises etc.), some herbs, and some day lilies to replace a few things that didn’t overwinter out in the front walkway.

DON’T GO INTO A STORE CHALLENGE: Fail, as I went in to both Smiths and Lowe’s.

EXERCISE CHALLENGE: Success! After working in the yard for about 3 hours, I also did a 30-minute walk/jog in the afternoon. I also finished planting all the seeds I wanted to plant, trellised the overflow parking lot for tomatoes, and potted up all the seedlings I had left.

KETO CHALLENGE: Success! Stayed the course and ended the day at 18 net carbs. I need to start dialing back on the fat bombs though, because I was over on fat and also high on calories yesterday. Ketones were 0.6.

EBAY LISTINGS CHALLENGE: Success! Listed 7 shirts. I’m about done with the big stack of shirts and ready to move on to dresses, then pants. I also need to bag all the shirts and store them.

THOUGHTS: I feel like I am working on something almost all day every day, whether it be going to actual work or doing tasks around the house. Gardening alone is a full-time job. Add to that daily exercise and my favorite pastime which is playing Animal Crossing on my Nintendo (it soothes me), and the days are full, though typically just the right amount of full. I imagine if we were still going to work full time, there wouldn’t be much of a garden to speak of right now!

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