May 13, 2020

Mid-May Challenge, Day 2:


DON’T GO INTO A STORE CHALLENGE: Success! Didn’t go anywhere.

EXERCISE CHALLENGE: Success! Walked for 35 minutes and also worked outside for a couple of hours. Planted some artichokes out front, some peanuts in buckets, and fertilized some of the pepper plants. Moved some potting soil out to the big garden and will till it in then plant all the leftover tomato seedlings out there. I just have a few more garden things to wrap up for this first major main spring planting, then I can do the final step — clean off the patio! I’d like to organize what’s there, wash all the furniture, wash the patio floor, and be able to sit out there and read.

KETO CHALLENGE: Success! Fully keto day, at 19 carbs for the day. We had one of my favorite keto meals for dinner: BLT Lettuce Boats, which is basically a BLT but instead of bread it’s on a romaine lettuce “boat.” We found early on in keto that lettuce wrapping things is great, but romaine lettuce boats are way easier to deal with than any other kind of lettuce.

EBAY LISTINGS CHALLENGE: Success! Listed 6 shirts this morning.

THOUGHTS: It’s nice to have a “success” for all pieces today! I had almost convinced myself that I didn’t have to go exercise since I worked in the yard so much. But then I remembered my new Mid-May Challenge, and decided to go walk anyway. Planning to go up the trail and add some jogging this weekend.

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