May 12, 2020

Mid-May Challenge, Day 1:

FISCAL FAST CHALLENGE: Goal = spend $0 dollars. Success! Had a zero dollar day today. Just went to work and back, didn’t even need to stop for gas.

DON’T GO INTO A STORE CHALLENGE: Goal = don’t go into any stores. Success!

EXERCISE CHALLENGE: Goal = official exercise for 30 minutes or more. Well, kind of success. I walked the dog for about 25 minutes, which is outside and moving around, but very slow. I tested out my new Hoka One One running shoes, and they are going to work great!

KETO CHALLENGE: Goal = stay on keto diet and track food and ketones (<20g net carbs). Success! I stayed on keto (13 net carbs for the day) and tracked all my food. I didn’t track my ketones on day 1 because I figured it would be 0, so I didn’t want to waste testing materials. I’ll start tracking ketones on day 3.

EBAY LISTINGS CHALLENGE: Goal = list at least 5 items per day. Success! I listed 6 shirts today.

THOUGHTS: I joined the company’s “step it up challenge” which is basically a competition for daily steps for the next 6 weeks. Maybe this will be a good enough reason for me to go walk or jog on days that I just don’t feel like it! I am plowing through eBay listings in the mornings before I do anything else. It feels good to get the ball rolling on eBay listings again! I’m going to take the next week or so to photo all the clothes I have in my piles while I have the photo equipment out. Then I can put it away and keep listing those clothes for another week or so afterward. The biggest pain when listing clothes is photographing them!

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