May 10, 2020

Money I Spent: $0

Extra Money I Made: eBay – some old illustrations for $20, a shirt for $18. I am trying to get back into my eBay listing habit. I have been making drafts of shirt listings every day for the past few days, but I need to get to posting 5-10 listings per day. I’m going to set up a listing challenge for myself. I seem to do better when I make up an arbitrary plan and goal and put the word CHALLENGE on it. It would be great if I could work my way through my “death pile” of unlisted inventory right around the time thrift stores start opening back up!

Don’t Go Into a Store: Success — didn’t leave home.

Exercise Every Day: Didn’t officially exercise AGAIN, but I did work in the garden for several hours today.

Work Outside Every Day: Success! Planted 16 more tomato plants, added some tomato cages and twine between them for a make-shift tomato trellis-type thing, added twine to the pea trellises, planted some more green bean seeds, some more peppers in random empty spaces, and filled 25 medium sized pots with soil to put seeds in. Also hand watered everything.

Thoughts: I need to get back on track health-wise. On May 12, I’m going to start a 24-day Keto Challenge, where I am back full-time on keto, track my food every day, and exercise every day. It will be 24 days because that’s how many days there are until my birthday! These things aren’t really fiscal fast related, but I don’t think any of my thousands of readers will mind if I change it up a bit.

So from May 12 – June 4, my official challenges will be:

FISCAL FAST CHALLENGE: Goal = spend $0 dollars.

DON’T GO INTO A STORE CHALLENGE: Goal = don’t go into any stores.

EXERCISE CHALLENGE: Goal = official exercise for 30 minutes or more.

KETO CHALLENGE: Goal = stay on keto diet and track food and ketones (<20g net carbs).

EBAY LISTINGS CHALLENGE: Goal = list at least 5 items per day.

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