May 9, 2020

Money I Spent: $562.58 on groceries (ok, I am always shopping for 2 families, but I think about $400 of this was for my family)! This involved 2 trips into Walmart and 1 trip into Smiths. I am still in a “if you see it, get it” frame of mind. We don’t need toilet paper any time soon, but they had it, so I picked up a package. But in my defense, I got a medium-sized pack, not the giant 48-roll pack. I am always on the lookout for more hand sanitizer and spray Lysol, and either Lysol or Clorox cleaning wipes, which I can’t find. I have a half-finished project to make some reusable wipes using empty containers and either some kind of DIY solution mix or something like PineSol. At Walmart I found a bottle of Lysol “refill,” so I grabbed that to use as well. I’m not sure what it’s a refill for, but it has the “Kills 99.99% of germs” claim on the front. So it should work fine.
Also, I filled up my car from nearly empty to full for about $12! I had so many rewards on my Smiths card, I got $0.70 off per gallon, which made my gas $0.99/gallon. 🙂 Also, I just want to complain one more time about having to scan my own groceries at Walmart. The first time I went through for sodas and water, I got into a checkout line with a cashier and it was fine. The second time through, there were only 2 cashier lines open (and about 100 self-check stations), and the cashier lines were LONG. So I self-checked. NINETY-NINE ITEMS. It took me at least 20 minutes just to scan all my crap. I hate doing it. It stresses me out. I am just too bad at it. I do it all wrong, and put things in bags wrong, and end up scanning $5 worth of apples TWICE and not noticing until I get home and see my receipt. Something glitches out and I have to get manager approval for my BOX OF CHEESE-ITS. Like, why? ARG. Also I hate the way there are just people behind you, waiting and watching you check out, probably wondering what’s taking so long and why you are bagging things THAT way. It just makes me very uncomfortable.

Extra Money I Made: Sold a t-shirt for $5.50 and a book for $13. Not quite enough to offset my grocery spending. And it’s not really money I made, but sadly I finally canceled our Hawaii trip, which was supposed to be May 26 – June 2. Hawaiian airlines is giving credit toward a future trip with no cancellation or change fees, so I just did that. Also, the only real activity we had planned for our trip was the Old Lahaina Luau. I emailed them to ask about refunding (it’s very expensive), and got an auto-response saying that all reservations through May 31 have been canceled and will be automatically refunded once they get more staff in their offices. Fine by me; it’ll be a nice surprise when it comes through.

Don’t Go Into a Store: Well obviously this was a fail. I did forget 2 things at Walmart and think about going in for a third time to get them, but then decided not to. I’ll order them on Amazon.

Exercise Every Day: Fail, unless you could 5,000 steps worth of grocery shopping exercise.

Work Outside Every Day: Well sanitizing $550 worth of groceries outside counts, right? ha. I did water all the gardens by hand today.

Thoughts: Out in the world, it feels like folks are getting tired of being cautious so are getting complacent. I think this is counter to the actual news and numbers of cases, which in our state are still on the rise. I feel myself getting complacent, almost in a “if I was going to catch it, I would have it by now,” way. I need to dial back up my safety protocols and try harder to be extra vigilant! I am still sanitizing everything and washing my hands and using sanitizer and all those things; it’s just a subtle mental shift. So I just need to work on that.

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