May 2020 Intentions

I’m going to keep tracking things in May, though my category list is a little shorter. Goals in May will mostly include saving money, exercising, and continuing our stay-at-home habits.

Here are the things I’ll be tracking daily in May:

Money I Spent: Dollar amount spent on non-bills that day.

Extra Money I Found or Made: Any money I make on eBay or save by cutting a bill, etc.

Don’t Go Into a Store: Trying to stay out of stores as much as possible.

Exercise Every Day: 30 minutes of just walking will earn a “success” for this category, though I’ll aim for more.

Work Outside Every Day: Even just watering the plants in the front and back yard will earn a “success” for this category, though I will aim to do more each day.

Thoughts: I’ll typically record my quarantine thoughts here — what we are doing to stay entertained at home, how we are feeling, etc.

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