May 1, 2020

Money I Spent: $0. I like to start the month with a zero!

Extra Money I Made: Small purse $8, small patch/badge $6, and camisole, $24.

Don’t Go Into a Store: Success!

Use-it-Up: One of my favorite ways to “use it up” is to put random leftovers in my breakfast egg. This morning, I heated up some bacon grease (a use-it-up item itself, basically free) then fried last night’s leftover cauliflower and ground beef and a few diced tomatoes. Once this was cooked, I added an egg and swirled it around to let it cook. Then I made an “egg fritter” which is also kind of like an “inside out omelette” meaning the cheese is on the outside and I fry it until crispy. Once I took my egg out of the pan, I noticed there was still some bacon grease in there, so I threw a few pinches of radish sprouts (about 1.5″ tall, seeds attached) into the pan. I fried these up into a little sprout patty, then seasoned with salt and slid the patty onto my egg fritter. Delicious! I’ll be making more sprout patties in the future.

Exercise Every Day: Success! Walked for about 65 minutes total with a few jogging intervals laced in. Realized I really need a pair of actual trail running shoes. The shoes I’m using are volleyball shoes, so are very much vented for indoor use, and they let in a TON of dirt on the trail. I can feel it sifting around in there while I’m actually running/walking and it’s pretty gross. I’ll do some research this week and pick out some good ones. Looking first on eBay for last season’s style (or older) but new/unused (“new without box” is a great deal usually).

Work Outside Every Day: Success! Worked for several hours on planting some okra then sorting out the irrigation system. Had 17,000 steps today!

Thoughts: Stay at Home Day 51. I think it is officially summer. It was actually hot today (82 degrees), which felt really good. We are in that sweet spot right now financially between needing to use the heater every morning and needing to run the A/C every night. Just 2 weeks ago, I was opening all the blinds to let the sun in and passively warm the rooms. Now I’m closing all the blinds to keep the sun and heat out. It feels like the beginning of the real garden season, so over the course of the next 10 days or so, I will try to get a million peppers planted, a few dozen tomatoes planted, and the squash and melon seeds in the ground. The radishes are coming up in the high tunnel and are very tasty! The lettuce is probably toward its end, so I’m cutting a little every other day. Peas are about 4″ tall, so hopefully they’ll be producing before too long. The green beans I planted a few days ago haven’t started sprouting yet, but hopefully soon.

Growing our own food is actually starting to be rewarding!

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