April 22, 2020

Money I Spent: Approx 1 million dollars. Actually the total was $596 for three carts full of groceries at Smiths. We should not NEED to go to a store for a long time. I assume I overlooked one or two things and might have to pop in to the local grocery for something, but I shouldn’t have to do a big shopping extravaganza for the next month or more. We’ll see! Groceries included everything from cases of water and sodas to toilet paper to Lysol spray and Pine Sol to celery and cauliflower to chips for kiddo to pickled jalapenos to fancy cheeses to steaks and chicken wings to some little $1 candles in summer smells. The pantry, fridge, and freezer are full!

Money I Avoided Spending: none, obviously

Extra Money I Found or Made: Got my $1700 stimulus check! Sold a set of knives for $18.

Use-it-Up: n/a

Don’t Go Into a Store: Obviously fail since I went into Smiths literally 3 times.

Exercise Every Day: Fail, although really shopping for 2.5 hours then cleaning $600 worth of groceries IS exercise.

Work Outside Every Day: I did all my grocery cleaning outside, so it was kind of a win. I’ll get back to tree trimming tomorrow.

Thoughts: Shopping is freaking hard right now.

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