April 18, 2020

Money I Spent: $150 on Amazon. Bought kiddo a bass guitar and a sketchbook on Amazon. I have a hard time saying no to music and art supplies on a normal day, but especially so now. I think it’s a good idea to keep her busy with productive fun hobbies. Also this guitar is gorgeous! It’s the one in the photo here. Also spent $65 for big take-out dinner from Basil Leaf.

Money I Avoided Spending: I had a thought that I might as well load up my Amazon cart with other things, like shampoo, conditioner, or whatever else sounded good. But I decided against it.

Extra Money I Found or Made: Vintage Underwriters Laboratories porch lights for $64 (+ 40 shipping!) and a Coors patch for $7.

Use-it-Up: N/A

Don’t Go Into a Store: Well I did go into Basil Leaf to pick up the takeout order. It was very organized and clean. I cleaned the bag when I got to the car and the outside of each container when we got home.

Exercise Every Day: Fail. I didn’t do any official exercise today.

Work Outside Every Day: Success! Worked in the yard for a little over 2 hours trimming tree branches.

Thoughts: No new thoughts today. Just trying to get by and not go too crazy. The weather should be nice and warm (around 64 – 80 highs) for the next 10 days, so we should be able to get outside all we want to. It’s almost time to start transplanting peppers and tomatoes to the gardens! That will be a chore for sure.

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