April 15, 2020

Money I Spent: $0

Money I Avoided Spending: n/a, didn’t go anywhere or think about ordering anything.

Extra Money I Found or Made: eBay: Lapel pin for $13, old radio for $18, military patch for $15, drafting compass for $18.50.

Use-it-Up: Used the last of my cut-up toothpaste tube. Required myself to eat ham for lunch to use up some more ham leftovers.

Don’t Go Into a Store: Success! Streak = 7 days! I am trying to hold off until Monday, which would be after 11 days of no stores.

Exercise Every Day: Success! 40-minute walk.

Work Outside Every Day: Fail! Checked on my seedlings and vented the greenhouses but that’s about it!

Thoughts: Stay at Home Day 35. Getting bored and maybe need some new chores to put on my list. Maybe I should start going for 2 walks per day. Or 1 hike and 1 jog. Or 1 bike ride and 1 walk. Now that the weather is warming back up, at least I can go work in the yard again. And I’ve pulled a bunch of clothes out of my eBay unlisted piles, so I can start making drafts for those things. We could probably stand to do some deep cleaning around here, so maybe that’s on the docket this weekend. Have to keep ourselves busy!

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