April 11, 2020

Money I Spent: $0

Money I Avoided Spending: I keep forgetting to buy my Amazon cart, but a couple of things are time-sensitive so I should do it soon.

Extra Money I Found or Made: eBay: Set of glasses for $15, sunglasses for $20, set of misc. Lego $72, and a purse for $16.

Use-it-Up: Added water to an already-watered-down bottle of conditioner and finished it up. Used the last of a little sample packet of shampoo. So that’s 2 less things cluttering up our shower! Made some fritters for lunch using some grape tomatoes that were getting shriveled. (Fritters = frying pan, 1 Tbsp mozzarella cheese, 2-3 slices of grape tomato, Italian seasoning, fry on both sides until crispy.) I had about 6 of these alongside a small salad made from lettuce cuttings from my own back yard. It turns out that baby greens are actually tastier than iceberg lettuce 😀 who knew?

Don’t Go Into a Store: Success! Streak = 3 days.

Exercise Every Day: Success! Went for a walk up to the Pokestop then headed up the highway a ways to look for 3 geocaches. Actually found all 3 of them! Then turned around and headed home. Total about 60 minutes walking, and about 5 minutes jogging.

Work Outside Every Day: All I did today was water, again! I had all these other plans to plant and rake and clean and then it just… never happened.

Thoughts: Stay at Home, day 31! I need to do some chores around the house (pick up, organize, vacuum), and I need to do a lot of listing on eBay. I’ll work on these things Sunday and Monday, before I have to start going to back to work on Tuesday. We have a cold snap coming in for a few days where the temps will be below freezing for about 5 nights in a row, so that puts my gardening on hold for a week or so. We have a nice ham to cook for Easter, but I forgot to give any thought to side dishes. So we’ll be having ham, creamed spinach, peas, mac & cheese, and whatever dessert we can whip up. Maybe berries and whipped cream or some kind of mixed berry shortcake thing? We’ll see!

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