April 7, 2020

Money I Spent: $0

Money I Avoided Spending: n/a Didn’t really think about it today. Though I do kind of subconsciously group all of my spending into one day lately. I think we are going for groceries tomorrow so that is when we will gas up the car and order anything online if needed. Just to keep the non-$0 days down to 1 day.

Extra Money I Found or Made: n/a no new eBay sales.

Use-it-Up: Cut up a little hotel lotion to get the last dregs out. It was about a tablespoon or more of lotion, which is enough to lotion my hands maybe 4 times? Kind of a lot!

Don’t Go Into a Store: Success! No-stores streak = 8 days! Not really all that many, and hopefully the next streak will be longer.

Exercise Every Day: Success! Went for a 30-minute walk to catch some Pokemon. I was very tired from my yard work, so didn’t want to do a long hike up the trail. Tomorrow I’ll do a long walk/hike to find some geocaches.

Work Outside Every Day: Success! Worked in the yard for about 2 hours, trimming trees, hauling tree branches, watering, scattering wildflower seeds and such.

Thoughts: Stay at home, day 27. I figure we could really hold out on the grocery store trip for another week if we needed to, but I want to find something good for our Easter dinner, so I’m going to get it out of the way on Wednesday. I really don’t want to have brats w/ no buns for my Easter dinner! I’ll see if there are any hams, and if not, maybe a few pounds of shrimp or a plank of salmon. Maybe after that grocery trip, we can last without going into a store for the next 2 weeks. I will take a surgical mask to wear and a can of Lysol wipes to clean off the cart in case they don’t have sanitizer at the store. I’ll also use the Lysol wipes to clean off all groceries before they come in the house, and wash all produce as soon as possible.

After 27 days of being the stay-at-home enforcer around here… I am starting to look forward to the time we can go wherever we want and do whatever we want, even though this could be quite a ways in the future. Funny to find that some of the things I’m really looking forward to in the short term are things I was trying to STOP doing before the virus hit and sent us all home:

Boba Tea – I had given up Boba Tea on my keto diet, but now that I really can’t have it, I think about it daily. The Boba Tea Company is my favorite!

Wandering around in Target just browsing – Definitely not a great idea if you’re trying to save money, but I think after all this time passes I will like to browse the aisles and just WONDER at all of the types of lotion and shampoo available!

Chips & Salsa – Or I guess, going out to eat in general. I’d really love the unlimited chips & salsa of some of our favorite restaurants, but I also am really looking forward to a “date night” restaurant with linen tablecloths, fancy food, and expensive wine.

Volleyball – I haven’t played volleyball or seen my volleyball friends in a month or so. I really miss it! And even more so, kiddo’s club volleyball season has been all but officially canceled for the year. As much as I complained about the 3x/week practices (90 minute round-trip drive) and 2 full-weekend tournaments per month (it’s a huge commitment), I really miss seeing her play volleyball and be active and have fun with her friends! We had really planned for this spring and summer to be her big volleyball commitment months, to prepare her for high school volleyball tryouts. I was going to send her to every camp I could find this summer and possibly get her some private lessons. Well, I guess/hope there’s always next summer.

Travel – We will have to cancel all of our travel we had planned for this summer. We were going to go to Maui for a week and probably go to Oregon for a long weekend. I think our Maui airfare will be refunded only as “travel credit” which is actually ok, as it means we will go to Maui next summer, I guess? The bright side is that not traveling will save us a ton of money and vacation time this year! Maybe next summer we can take 2 weeks of vacation (1 week Maui, 1 week Belize?) then summer 2022 do a month in Europe.

What are YOU looking forward to the most when this is all over?

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