April 5, 2020

Money I Spent: $0

Money I Avoided Spending: Nothing, really. Still holding off on the new comforter, probably until next payday or until I sell something big on eBay.

Extra Money I Found or Made: n/a nothing new on eBay today. I need to start looking in other places for extra money (cutting down on bills, canceling services, etc.). I’ll put that on my list for this week. I’m not sure if there’s anything left to downgrade.

Use-it-Up: Adding water to my favorite shampoo and conditioner this week to get the very last bits. Using Dollar Tree laundry soap (which, shh, don’t tell anyone, but I water that down too).

Don’t Go Into a Store: Success!

Exercise Every Day: Success! Went out for a walk and to go gather Pokemon and hit a couple of geocaches. Caught 5 Pokemon and found 1.5 geocaches. I say 1.5 because for the second one I looked for, the geocache description said it was hanging in a certain area of a tree, but all I could find was a wire wrapped around a branch (assuming the geocache fell off). After that, I set off to find a third, but after a 20-minute walk, was foiled by a barbed wire fence, so couldn’t get to it. But the great news here is that I was out walking in the sun for about 105 minutes! I also was trying out a pair of “new used” running shoes that I took from my eBay inventory. They were ok for walking/running on flat road, but terrible for hiking. They just slipped around on my feet like flip-flops. I’m surprised I didn’t twist an ankle on the rocky hiking part of my journey today! So, at least now I know. Geocaching = hiking clothes and shoes, not running clothes and shoes.

Work Outside Every Day: Success! Trimmed a crapload of tree branches off some scraggly pine and juniper trees in the front yard. Now I have 4 piles of branches to haul off (tomorrow’s outside job).

Thoughts: Stay at home, day 25. The days are passing faster lately and I think it’s because I have so many things I want to get done while we have this time at home. I sewed some new hand towels today for the kitchen (we mostly quit paper towels years ago). I had cut the fabric out over a year ago and just never felt like taking time to sew them. I realized I can use some of the pre-cut flannel pieces for face masks if it comes down to that. I don’t have any elastic, so they would have to tie off with shoelaces or yarn. I didn’t feel like making those yet, since we have a box of 20 masks in our emergency kit. But it’s nice to know I have the materials and the skills to make them if I need to!

Unpaper towels!

Trimming the trees is something that would probably not make it to the top of the priority list if we weren’t staying at home 100% right now. So it’s nice to get that done. The garden seedlings would definitely not be getting as much attention if I was at work M-F, so they are happy we are home, too.

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