April 4, 2020

Money I Spent: $0

Money I Avoided Spending: Did a little more searching for the perfect lightweight blanket/comforter, but didn’t actually buy anything. Current front-runner is “Pick-Stitch Handcrafted Cotton Linen Blend Quilt” from Potterybarn in color FLAX. So basically it’s a cotton-linen blend beige quilt. Very subtle and pretty. $159 / free shipping. I would get matching sheets and pillowcases from Target.

Extra Money I Found or Made: eBay: sold towels for $13, some kids books for $25, some replacement plates for a George Foreman grill for $18, and an embroidery kit for $55.

Use-it-Up: Pulled the meat off a chicken drumstick from dinner a few nights ago and made lettuce boat chicken sandwiches (romaine lettuce cup/boat, mayo, mustard, chicken, tomato, onion). It’s surprising that 1 chicken drumstick was enough chicken to make 3 lettuce boat “sandwiches.” I’m going to see if we have any tuna hidden away in the pantry, because I think lettuce boat tuna salad sandwiches would be delicious!

Don’t Go Into a Store: Success! Streak = 5 days! We have started a list of perishables that we are either starting to run out of or will run out of in the next week or two. I would like to hold out another 4 days or so for the grocery store run. Then I’ll probably go into town to Sprouts and get eggs, milk, etc.

Exercise Every Day: Mostly fail. Did not go out for any official exercise today, BUT that was because my good knee popped really weird three times this morning and was sore all day, so I decided it was best to give it a rest. I have a new book to listen to (library download!) so I was actually looking forward to going out for a walk.

Work Outside Every Day: Success! Trimmed tree branches and raked up some stuff in the front yard (approx 1 hour). Have a lot more to do. We are doing some cleaning up of the property while we have this time on our hands and are looking for free things to pass the time. Trimming trees = free, though maybe at the end of summer we will have to rent a dumpster to throw all this stuff in.

Thoughts: Stay at home, day 24! Today I am trying to pick my next binge-watch show. The current contenders are:

  • Longmire
  • Downton Abbey
  • Justified
  • Deadwood
  • Ozark
  • Sons of Anarchy

I watched the first episodes of Longmire, Downton Abbey, Justified, and Sons of Anarchy. Once I watch the first episodes of the other 2, I’ll make my decision. I will probably choose Downton Abbey as my “watch at bedtime” show, since it’s pretty quiet and there aren’t explosions and shootings happening constantly. I really liked the first episodes of Longmire and Justified, too. I think Sons of Anarchy is a little dark for me right now. I might sneak in an episode here and there, but I don’t think I can watch it back to back, day after day. There are SO many good shows out there to choose from!

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