April 3, 2020

Money I Spent: ~ $130. Finally pulled the trigger on both the Amazon cart and the Target cart. Amazon order was a few Easter items for kiddo plus some keto specialty items for the adults. Target cart was some flavored coffee, Easter candy for kiddo, allergy medicine, and a few other food items.

Money I Avoided Spending: I have had a new spring/summer duvet cover and insert in my Amazon cart for months. Our current comforter is Christmas colors and sherpa lined, so very heavy and warm. In the next few weeks, it will be too hot to use this comforter. So I’ve been hunting for a new lightweight summer version. The comforter + duvet cover I chose after exhaustive research totaled $170. The duvet insert itself is $40, and the cover (Belgian flax linen… so pretty) was $130. So I couldn’t quite pull the trigger on it yet. I want to do some more research and see if I can find something very similar but cheaper. HOWEVER, I don’t want a cheapo Walmart bedspread. Our heavyweight comforter is from Potterybarn (a splurge from Christmastime) and it’s so nice, you can feel that it is a quality product. I want something nice, but maybe less than $130. But when I start falling down the rabbit hole of duvet research, I end up with analysis paralysis and have to quit. I have kept the $130 and $40 items in my Amazon “save for later” cart, so I can still go back and just get those.

Extra Money I Found or Made: eBay: shirt $10, patch $13.

Use-it-Up: Had lots of leftovers for lunch and dinner, kind of a fend for yourself day all around. Trying to use up all leftover meats and vegs before we start cooking new ones.

Don’t Go Into a Store: Success! Well, I went into the post office, but not a store. At the post office (had to mail eBay sales), you only touch two doors two times (so 4 touches total). I am in and out of there in 30 seconds, and always really sanitize my hands when I get back to the car. Everyone at the post office was wearing surgical masks today, so I felt kind of bad that I wasn’t, like I wasn’t doing my part.

Exercise Every Day: Fail. Kiddo and I wandered around looking for 3 geocaches by the side of the road, and although we were out wandering for about 20 minutes, it wasn’t really exercise. But it WAS outside in the fresh air which was great!

Work Outside Every Day: Success. Watered important areas in the front and back yards.

Thoughts: This day kind of got away from me somehow. Before I knew it, it was 3:30 and my productive time of day was over. I guess I need to learn how to be productive further into the day. By the time 3:00 or so rolls around, I’m ready to just play video games, watch TV, and start thinking about dinner. But then again, I do typically get up around 5:15 and get dressed etc., make coffee, feed the dog, then do eBay, this blog, my own habit trackers, my diet log book, and then real work-from-home work. When my butt starts hurting from sitting in my work chair, I go outside to work for a while. So maybe 5:30 – 3:00 hours of productivity is really plenty!

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