April 2020

Reading back over my plans for March 2020, it seems like a very very long time ago. Covid-19 was barely on anyone’s radar, especially here in New Mexico. We were planning a trip to Denver for a volleyball tournament, not knowing that it would be our last volleyball tournament of the season. We were worrying about homework and grades, not knowing the entire school year soon would be canceled. I was actively trying to stay out of Goodwill and Salvation Army and not shop for any eBay inventory, not knowing those stores would soon be shut down anyway.

March Wrap-Up

No spending on eBay inventory. This was extremely easy, and I succeeded 100%. I avoided shopping during the week before Covid-19 became a concern, and was forced to avoid shopping after it became a concern. I haven’t spent any money on eBay inventory since February.

  • Sub-goal: Declutter house and sell stuff on eBay. Success! There is still some decluttering to do, but I have gone through the obvious stuff already (such as books). I already sold a couple of them on eBay, too. I have a little decluttering left to do (clothes? knick-knacks?) and will surely be able to list some of those things on eBay.

Get groceries back on track. This is tricky. We did fine at the beginning of March, spending around $50 for our first week of groceries. Then, as Covid-19 warnings started ramping up, the “scarcity mindset” started taking over. I think I’ve shopped for groceries 5 times in March, each time buying probably more than we need, in the spirit of 1) what if the stores just run out of… eggs, say? and 2) what if we have to quarantine and can’t even go to a store? So the bad news is that I spent much more than planned in March on groceries, but the good news is that we have plenty of food etc. to get us through April. My April challenge will be to go as long as possible with what we have. I will go to a store if we run out of milk, eggs, and maybe butter. But hopefully no more $100+ shopping trips for a while.

Stop buying gardening stuff. I had planned to make an exception to this rule when the bare root roses started showing up in gardening centers. But I have made the decision to put of the rose garden project until 2021.

Stay off of Amazon. Didn’t do great with this in March. I shopped on Amazon a bit, and now need to pay that credit card off. I will make a goal to not shop on Amazon in April. I know I might have to order something, but the goal will be to minimize this as much as possible.

Stop turning the heater up to 72. Total success with this one in March. We have been turning the heater fully off and only turning it on when needed. So most mornings, I turn it on to 65. Mid-morning, I turn it off for the day. We shouldn’t need it at all before long. Hopefully we can rest in that sweet spot of no heater and no A/C for the next 2 months!

Other: I had planned to get a pedicure and manicure in March, knowing it went against everything fiscal fast stands for. That didn’t happen due to Covid-19 concerns. Oh well, there’s always… July?

April 2020

So with all that said, the plans for April 2020 are pretty basic. We are working from home, and trying to stay out of public as much as possible while staying healthy and not turning into soft, translucent, deep sea squids.

Goals for April

Spending: Get a handle on the “scarcity mindset” and stop buying groceries for a while. Live off what we have. Only go into a store if we need milk, eggs, maybe butter. Can order other groceries/toiletries online if truly needed… like if we use up literally all of the shampoo in the house, etc. I will be buying kiddo some Easter goodies (online only) and wiping them down thoroughly before they come into the house! Otherwise, shouldn’t need to buy much this month. Also, stop shopping for “things” in April. I did great at this in January, but not in March. Glad I ordered those video games March 31 and got that out of my system (hopefully). 🙂

Don’t Go Into a Store Challenge: Just going for the longest streak possible here. March 31 was Day 1 of this streak. Just keep it going!

Build my eBay Store: My goal is to list 200 things in April. This might not be possible (do I have 200 things?), but I will try. Even if I fail at 200 things, I will be preparing my store every day for 4th Quarter 2020. eBay has given all store owners 50,000 free listings for March and April, so might as well take advantage of that!

Exercise Every Day: Do some form of exercise every day, even when it’s cold or windy and/or I don’t want to. Incorporate Geocaching and Pokemon Go into walking routine. Do C25K at least 6 times this month. Try new walking/jogging routes. Drive to a new trail head if needed. Go run in the next neighborhood over. Play volleyball on the rebounder in the driveway. Go play tennis when it’s warm enough (and not windy). Go for some hikes up the hill.

Work Outside Every Day: This is Garden Month here in zone 7a. We will need to plant seeds in the outer garden (peas now, cucumber etc. at the end of the month), move the tomatoes and peppers to the high tunnel, fix the irrigation system, clean up tree branches, cut down dead trees, etc. during April. We have plenty of outdoor work to keep us from getting Vitamin D deficient in April. Goal is to do something productive outside in the gardens or yards every day in April.

Thoughts: Record thoughts etc. every day, relating to monthly challenges and goals, Covid-19 happenings, etc.

Other: Also track everything in the Fiscal Fasters Facebook Group.

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