April 1, 2020

Money I Spent: $0

Money I Avoided Spending: Have some things in my Target cart (Easter goodies mostly) but haven’t purchased yet. I just wanted to start April with a $0 day.

Extra Money I Found or Made: eBay – sold silverware (4 forks) for $18, a copper PASTA canister for $15, a Hawaiian print shirt for $16 and a Ralph Lauren button down for $18. Changed my handling time to 2 days (used to be 1 day) so now I don’t have to go to the post office until Friday!

Use-it-Up: Have been adding water to the kitchen hand soap for a few days, but it’s about completely empty now. Found another half-used soap under the sink, so will use that one up next. Tomorrow I am going to start sewing some new hand towels for the kitchen. I have a ton of material already cut up, just need to do the actual sewing. Having our cloth “unpaper towels” keeps us from using valuable paper resources to do things like dry our hands after washing dishes. We still use paper towels for grease or raw meat related messes, but that’s about it.

Don’t Go Into a Store: Success, stayed home!

Exercise Every Day: Success, went out for about a 60-minute walk. Found 2 geocaches and caught 3 Pokemon on Pokemon Go. I also did 50 squats, 50 pushups (against the counter – was too scared to try any kind of real pushup yet), 50 calf raises, and 50 bicep curls. The goal is to do *at least* this every day, as a minimum. I forgot to stretch before bed. I need to put a note up on my bathroom mirror to remind me, or set a reminder on my phone.

Geocache find #1 for April 1, 2020
Pokémon Go! Caught this guy today near the entrance to my neighborhood.

Work Outside Every Day: I pulled weeds in one garden, and potted up a bunch of seedlings into bigger pots. I planted a couple of leftover pepper seedlings in the high tunnel as an experiment to see if it gets too cold in there overnight for them right now. The 2 tester tomatoes I planted a week ago froze overnight several days ago, even with a row cover on them.

Thoughts: Stay at Home Day 21. Started out April with a good $0 day and success in many of my monthly challenges/goals. I didn’t do great on my keto diet, but I’m planning to have a strict 3 days this Fri-Sat-Sun to get me back in the swing of it. I’m so glad I have been watching my diet for the past 3 months. If we had gone into this whole staying at home thing with no diet plan in place, I would definitely have gained at least 10 pounds by now. It’s also nice to know that on keto I can slip up for a couple of days, get back to it the next day, and still be on track overall.

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