March 25, 2020

Money I Spent: $0

Money I Avoided Spending: Stayed home like a good citizen and didn’t buy anything online!

Extra Money I Found or Made: eBay: $23 for a book, $13 for a t-shirt, and $10 for some dollhouse furniture.

eBay Expenses: $0

Use-it-Up Challenge: Nothing, really, other than eating a lot of leftovers lately!

Decluttering Challenge: Forgot to declutter anything today.

Don’t Go Into a Store Challenge: Success! Stay at home!

Exercise Every Day Challenge: Success! Walk/jog (90% walk) for 45 minutes.

Thoughts: Stay At Home, Day 15. Guess I’m a homebody at heart, because I really don’t mind it. Supposed to be 60 and windy today, so hopefully 1) our greenhouse stays up, and 2) I can get outside to exercise!

I’m so glad we are able to work from home. It is hard, because 90% of my work has to be done AT my office. So I’m stretching some home-work projects out a bit to make them last as long as possible.

Took kiddo out, or rather she took ME out, for a long drive around the neighborhood yesterday. Uphill, downhill, stop signs, turn signals, u-turns, we did it all. I think I’d like to give her some more “life skills” lessons while off school, I just need to find some that she won’t fight. Maybe how to cook some basic stuff. Or not-so-basic stuff. I want to learn the 5 mother sauces, so maybe she can do that too.

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