March 20, 2020

Money I Spent: $0

Money I Avoided Spending: Stayed home and didn’t order anything online.

Extra Money I Found or Made: $0. eBay sales super slow right now, which is expected and fine. I am going to keep listing, aiming for 1500 items in my store. Right now I have 1,384.

eBay Expenses: $0

Use-it-Up Challenge: Gathered all of the almost-gone old-as-hell conditioner bottles out of the linen closet (4 of them) to use in between hotel shampoo washings. I think the hotel sh/con was not doing great things for my hair. But I found some like 1/10th full bottles of Dove and the like so I’ll use those for a while. I also remembered I had a small bottle of quality conditioner in my gym bag from back when we were going to bikram yoga a lot. So I pulled that out, too.

Decluttering Challenge: N/A, not sure what’s next on my list. Probably my closet “bag corner” which is just where all my gym bags, travel bags, carry-on bags, and backpacks have ended up over the last few months. I should clean out each bag then organize that corner.

Don’t Go Into a Store Challenge: Success! Didn’t leave home.

Walk/Jog Every Day Challenge: Walked for 1 hour. I’m glad the weather has been nice so we can get outside every day and not stay inside slowly turning into deep sea squids. I’m going to try to walk or walk/jog for an hour every day.

Thoughts: I think this is day 10 of our “social distancing.” I think it’s going pretty good. I get bored a couple of times per day, but am usually able to solve this problem by reading a book or playing a video game for half an hour. I’m also adding a bunch of shows to my “to watch” lists. And slowly working through my eBay unlisted inventory piles, which could keep me busy for a couple of months probably. Before long, we will be out in the garden, fixing the irrigation system, planting things, and pulling weeds!

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