March 17, 2020

Money I Spent: $32: $20 for gassing up my car, $12 for a prescription.

Money I Avoided Spending: Decided for health reasons to do the Walgreens drive through instead of going inside. I figured if I went inside there would be more germs and I would also probably buy some things.

Extra Money I Found or Made: $0 – no eBay sales!

eBay Expenses: $0 easy peasy

Use-it-Up Challenge: Can’t think of anything.

Decluttering Challenge: Didn’t declutter anything today, since I was at work.

Thoughts: It seems kind of pointless and arbitrary to be tracking my spending during a global pandemic when it actually is important to get the stuff you need in case your area is quarantined or closed down. I’m going to keep tracking, just for the habit of it, and also because things that do make sense to track are use-it-up challenge stuff and, to an extent, eBay expenses (though they should be $0 for a long time). My current personal challenge is to stay out of all stores for a week or more. We have literally everything we need; there’s no reason to go into a store right now. I would like to see how long we can ride out our supplies without replenishing anything.

Now that I am working from home M/W/F and home on Sat/Sun (no volleyball tournaments which really does SUCK), I find that I am less pressured to “get stuff done” as soon as I get home from work. Like today I actually just sat down and read a book for 30 minutes, instead of doing laundry or cleaning or working on the garden. Because I know I can do all that the next day or on the weekend.

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