March 15, 2020

Money I Spent: $0 – stayed home

Money I Avoided Spending: I have couple of things in my Amazon cart (garden related) but I didn’t pull the trigger yet. Probably will on Monday though!

Extra Money I Found or Made: $0! So slow.

eBay Expenses: $0!

Use-it-Up Challenge: Finally used up a hotel shampoo and a hotel conditioner from my stash. Lots more where that came from!

Decluttering Challenge: Organized then decluttered (a little) my eBay storage areas. Mostly this involved moving items to the shed and rearranging what was left in the office.

Thoughts: We accomplished a lot this weekend! While staying home and social distancing and spending no money. I think the staying home will get old fast, especially for kiddo who can’t see her friends. But at least they have FaceTime!

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