March 14, 2020

Money I Spent: $0! Finally!

Money I Avoided Spending: Didn’t leave the house, didn’t shop online.

Extra Money I Found or Made: $0. I worked on eBay organization all day, but I think people aren’t buying much right now. That’s ok. I’ll keep building my store and it will pick up again soon.

eBay expenses: $0 This has been by far the easiest challenge this month!

Use-it-Up Challenge: Nothing really. It’s nice to look around and what we have here in terms of toiletries, personal care items, and toilet paper (!!), and realize we have everything we need.

Decluttering Challenge: Finally did something on this challenge! Took down all the pyrex bowls, baking pans, and random crockery off the top of the cabinets in the kitchen. Washed everything with Barkeeper’s Friend to get all the gross kitchen grime off, and stored everything away. Now the cabinet tops are clean except for one thing that I can’t find space for elsewhere just yet. It looks nice!

Thoughts: I started some alfalfa sprout seeds in the kitchen with the idea of harvesting a tray full every day or two once they start going. I like the idea of having fresh greens without going to the store. I’m also going to set up a tray and try to grow some microgreens using old veg seeds, if I can find a space for it under my lights! I’m also getting mentally prepared to plant my pea seeds, radishes, and a few other direct-sow seeds out in the garden this month! Oof I should be planting peas this week I think? I need to make a garden plan! We are putting up our little high tunnel over our raised beds this weekend!

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