March 11, 2020

Money I Spent: $0 FINALLY!

Money I Avoided Spending: Didn’t go anywhere other than work and home.

Extra Money I Found or Made: $0 Slow day on the Bay. Sounds like stock market troubles are scaring buyers a little and they are holding onto their cash at the moment. Also I haven’t listed anything in over a week. This weekend I’m planning to hunker down and get through at least 20 items per day. Possible? Not sure, but even if I try for 20/day and only hit 10/day, that’s still a win.

eBay Expenses: $0

Use-it-Up Challenge: Finally got the very last out of my Aussie 3-Minute Miracle Conditioner. It was so watered down at the end it was like 95% just water, but worked fine. I have been using the shampoo I brought back from our hotel this weekend. I figure each little thing of hotel shampoo has about 4 shampoos worth of stuff in it for me. I am hoping to not buy new shampoo or conditioner until we have used ALLLLL the little bottles I have collected over the years. I also have a bunch of little lotions. It will take years to use all the little lotions, I think.

Decluttering Challenge: Not really a true declutter, but I went through some mail that had been piling up on my desk and threw a bunch of stuff away. I need a better way to organize my desk at home. I typically have 3 piles of stuff on it: 1) ebay stuff (notes to self, item labels, etc.), 2) garden stuff (legend of what’s in what seedling tray, seed packets, notes to self), and 3) other (mail, car insurance cards, library “getting started” guide, and other random papers). I know if I put everything in a drawer I will just forget about it. Maybe I need one of those multi-tray inbox type things. Not sure, but PILES is not the answer! Working on it…

Thoughts: I am trying with all my might not to look at my 401k for the next however long (6 months?). I usually track all my investments around the 1st of every month. BUT since I know I can’t access my 401k for another 15 years or so, there’s no use panicking about it now.

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