March 6, 2020

Money I Spent: Not sure, really. Around $20 for a gas fill-up on the road. $55 for date night dinner (?) something like that. And… $750 for the hotel (3 nights). I’m just going to breeze right past that one because I couldn’t do anything about it anyway. We were required to stay at THIS hotel.

Money I Avoided Spending: We kind of went easy on our date night dinner, even though the $55 above is just my half. It was a very nice trendy restaurant. We ordered a large cheese and charcuterie board and 3 appetizers, rather than something like appetizer, salad, entree, dessert. Also kept my glass of prosecco to 1 instead of 2!

Extra Money I Found or Made: Sold a jacket on ebay for $199! I bought it an estate sale for $15, which is a ton for me to spend on one item of clothing. But I knew the brand (Double D Ranch) and it was a leather jacket with a really pretty floral pattern.

eBay Expenses: $0 Easy to not go sourcing when you’re in the car for 8 hours.

Use-it-Up Challenge: Nothing really since we weren’t home. I did pack some first aid and such that was leftover from our summer trips last year. So I might use some of those up at some point.

Decluttering Challenge: Obviously no decluttering today. Won’t get another chance until Tuesday!

Thoughts: We went off our keto diet for our date night dinner last night and it was great! We had a cheese/charcuterie board with some crackers and bread, and then some naan with several dipping sauces. There was also sugar of course in the various dips, jams, and honeys. It was nice just eating whatever sounds good for a meal, but I’m glad to not let that linger into the whole weekend. I think I could easily undo 2 months of progress with 4 days of off-the-rails eating.

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