March 3, 2020

Money I Spent: $0!

Money I Avoided Spending: Needed to drop a prescription off at Walgreens, so I drove through instead of walking inside. Bonus = avoided germs in there.

Extra Money I Found or Made: eBay: $0 – slow day on the bay

eBay Expenses: $0 Didn’t go anywhere, glanced over my large death pile(s) which are now in my living room, shed, and eBay room… don’t need anything!

Use-it-Up Challenge: Finished off 2 little packets of shampoo/conditioner that came with my hair color kit (which I used in February). Got the very last out of my NutPods creamer carton by swishing some heavy cream around in it and pouring it back into my coffee cup. Cut into my heavy duty lotion to get the last of it out; it should last a couple more days. I have another old tube to cut into after this one is gone. I have been washing my hands diligently and using a lot of hand sanitizer, so my skin is pretty dry.

Decluttering Challenge: Cleaned out my nightstand drawers, which were 80% old cough drops. Kept a few things, threw away some stuff, and put a lot of hair ties back where they are supposed to go in the bathroom. Also there was a hole in the top drawer (it’s an old nightstand) where things were always falling through onto the floor. I finally cut some drawer liner and put it in there! All told, this project took about 5 minutes, which included hunting down the roll of drawer liner. Easy! I also did a quick upkeep declutter on a little “junk drawer” in my dresser. I threw away a couple of things, but really I bet everything in there could be thrown away or re-homed with no impact on my quality of life. So it might get a more thorough declutter later. E.g., there’s a small tape measure in there. Why? lol

Thoughts: Allergy season is upon us. I have been taking my “knockoff Claritin” every day now, waiting for it to fully kick in. Happy to have found the bottle of 365 at Costco for $11! Real Claritin would cost around $300 for a year’s worth.

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