March 2, 2020

Money I Spent: $66 total for the day. Gassed up my car. Went to Smiths gas station where I had a 0.40 per gallon reward waiting! So paid about $1.77/gallon and filled up my car for $20. Haircut for kiddo: $18, Boba Tea for kiddo $6, butter and coffee at Smiths $20, laundry soap at Dollar Tree and an ice pack, $2. The Boba Tea was not necessary but we had a full hour to kill between the haircut and volleyball practice. Got the cheapest butter and coffee at Smiths, and the coffee should last a couple of weeks.

Money I Avoided Spending: Avoided getting myself a boba tea, mostly because there are no keto options there! But still $6 saved.

Extra Money I Found or Made: eBay: sold pair of old shoes for $8, an old camera bag for $20, and a pair of boots for $16. They also paid shipping. Any time I don’t have “free shipping” on an item, I make an extra small amount ($1 up to maybe $4) on shipping, because eBay gives a shipping discount if you buy postage FROM eBay. So say the buyer sees shipping options and picks Priority Mail for $9.50. If I buy that postage on eBay it might be $7.50 (depending on the category of the item). So I get to keep that extra $2 as “shipping and handling” profit.

eBay expenses: 1) Went to Goodwill to drop off about 10 bags of donations (clothes, bedspreads). Went inside to walk around (try to kill 90 minutes while practice is going on). Picked up a few things and put them down; never found anything that was a “home run” item. Left without buying anything! Win! 2) Picked up a small bit of free bubble wrap from the IT department at work. I asked them several months ago to save me any bubble wrap or packing peanuts because I hate buying those things. So every now and then they have some strips of bubble wrap etc. for me. I thought there would be more coming out of their department, but it turns out most computers and monitors ship in custom boxes with custom styrofoam inserts around them, so bubble wrap etc. is not needed. But still! Every little bit helps!

Use-it-Up Challenge: Used up some leftovers for my breakfast and lunch. Still working my way towards using up a conditioner. Looking around my bathroom and linen closet, I see how much “stuff” we really have — lotions, face wash, moisturizers, sunscreens, toothpaste, razors, perfumed body wash, perfumed lotion, hand sanitizers… it goes on and on. I shouldn’t have to buy anything along these lines for months, maybe all year! That will be my goal. I know I will run out of conditioner first, but when that happens I’ll get something cheapo.

Decluttering Challenge: I meant to come home from work and tackle a space that needs decluttering…. but I forgot! I think I will do my nightstand drawers, which are full of loose cough drops for some reason. This will be a small challenge, since it will be mostly trash. Shouldn’t take long!

Thoughts: I am making a list of all the spaces that need to be decluttered around here. I have about 20 so far. Everything from my own nightstand drawers to our collection of books to my eBay inventory. It should keep me/us busy for a while.

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