Money I spent: $0! So happy to end the month with a zero dollar day!

Money I avoided spending: Well I think it was my turn to buy dinner last night, but Ed bought it anyway, so I got to have my $0 day. 🙂 I also went perusing through one thrift store and one estate sale, telling myself that if I found an absolute home run (something I could sell on eBay for $50 or more, easily and quickly), then I could buy it. I found several things that I thought, “I could sell this.” but no home runs, so I didn’t buy anything! This is the eBay thrifting philosophy I will keep throughout February.

Extra money I found or made: eBay: sold a set of Jesse Jackson for President buttons for $25.

Use-it-Up Challenge: Our fridge is bare, so we must have done pretty good with this! We still have a ton in our pantry, but it’s stuff we can’t have on keto (beans, pasta, lentils, etc.) so it will have to wait for later.

Thoughts: I am probably going to keep up my Fiscal Fast journaling, just for my own accountability. I have a ton of stuff in my Amazon cart right now, including a 26′ greenhouse and a new Kindle Fire and some motion-sensing battery-operated lights for my SheBay Shed. So that will be expensive when I click the button, which will probably happen on February 1. Also, Sabrina’s birthday is here and I’ll be buying her a few things. So I’m envisioning a “purchase period” of February 1-2, then back on Fiscal Fast for the remainder of February.

At yoga last night, I decided that I want to do more stretching in my day to day life, but I don’t want to pay the $10-12/class fee all that often. So I’m going to do “Free Flex February” and try to do 3 yoga stretches every night before bed (or elsewhere if it’s convenient that day, like at the gym etc.). I am also going to do “Free Fitness February” which is kind of the same but will also include going to the free Sandia gym to lift weights twice a week, and going for a free run three times a week (weather permitting). Added to my free volleyball twice a week, that’s a solid month of free fitness and flexibility! And… on any Friday that it’s warm, I’m going to try to get Ed to come play tennis with me from like 4:00 – 6:00.

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