Money I spent: $25.50 to gas up my car. Went to Costco for a little savings there.

Money I avoided spending: Didn’t go anywhere or do anything else! Had to call in sick to night-time volleyball practice, so no temptations out in the world last night.

Extra money I found or made: Sold a DVD about magic for $17.79.

Use-it-Up Challenge: Lunch: used up the very last of the butter chicken from last week. Dinner: pulled out all the leftovers and everyone just took what they wanted. I had ribeye, roast chicken, and green beans.

Thoughts: I’m going to keep recording my spending throughout February, and maybe throughout the year. Maybe I’ll do some months “on” and some “off”, or maybe just a few weeks off here and there. Looking forward to tallying up my expenses for January and comparing them to last January and to December!

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