Money I spent: $0! Only left the house to go pick up Sabrina’s friend for their sleepover. Didn’t stop anywhere or spend any money!

Money I avoided spending: Thought we didn’t have anything for dinner, so almost texted Ed to bring us something back from town, but then I realized we had all the fixings for tacos. So we had a very simple dinner of tacos (lettuce wrapped for us keto folks) with no sides. It was great!

Extra money I found or made: eBay: sold 2 knives for $17; a Lillian Vernon trivet wall hanging for $17; pair of Dansko clogs for $42; vintage CLUB aluminum pan for $30; small Reed & Barton silver plated candy dish for $12. (These are all prices including shipping, so I don’t keep all of each sale price. For example, the Dansko clogs will probably cost about $8-9 to ship, so take that off the sale price.)

Use-it-Up Challenge: I have been working on my SheBay Shed this weekend. I moved several sets of shelves and tubs full of stuff out there. Due to the mud and pine needle situation out back, I knew I needed a doormat or rug of some kind, and remembered that we had 2 old rugs that had been hanging over our back wall for about 2 years (not sure why… I think they came with our garage, and at one point we couldn’t quite bring ourselves to throw them away). So I pulled those rugs down and they fit perfectly!

Thoughts: I am setting myself a new goal for February — eBay Fiscal Fast February. I need to not source any new inventory until I’ve listed all of what I have already waiting. I have at least 100 pieces of clothing not listed yet, and tubs and tubs of random stuff. Maybe 10 tubs or more? So that’s what I’ll be listing this February!

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