Money I spent: $88 at Walmart for groceries. Pretty high total this week but we needed a lot of groceries and we needed stuff like toilet paper, dish soap, etc. Although I really want to hit that $50 mark every week, I must admit, all I did this week was make a list. I didn’t look for deals or coupons, and we just went to Walmart because that’s the only place to get salt & vinegar pork rinds. 😀 Oh well, given our weekly grocery spending numbers from last year, I’m very happy to be under $100 for the week. I am going to keep aiming for $50 every week this year, and still be happy when I’m under $100.

Money I avoided spending: n/a other than a few things at Walmart that I put off until next week.

Extra money I found or made: eBay, just now sold a set of books for $67. This is a set of graphic design books that I got for attending a conference about 10 years ago. I held onto them because I knew they were cool books, but they were just taking up space. Glad they are out of here and for a great price!

Use-it-Up Challenge: We ate out at Chipotle, but I saved my leftovers for breakfast even though it was just fajita vegetables, cheese, and guacamole left. It will round out my scrambled eggs nicely. We are going to be using up a chicken that we’ve had in the freezer for a while (when they go on sale for ~66c/lb I usually buy 2-3) and making a roast chicken either Saturday or Sunday for dinner.

Thoughts: Hoping to not leave the house Saturday or Sunday, so those could be $0 days!

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