Money I spent: $0 Another day of work and home!

Money I avoided spending: Really want 2 more notebooks just like one I got for Christmas. I want to do a garden notebook and a vacation notebook. So I picked the ones I want and put them in my Amazon cart to look at again later.

Extra money I found or made: eBay: Sold a painting print for $58, which I paid $13 for last month at a thrift store. Sold an old camera’s manual for $14. I think it came in an envelope of misc manuals, so maybe it was 25c or so originally.

Use-it-Up Challenge: Made keto chicken tenders for dinner using chicken breasts from the freezer and crushed pork rinds. Made some Chick-fil-A style dipping sauce using ingredients on hand. Used some frozen broccoli to make broccoli-cheese fritters, and kiddo got the last of the tater tots from the freezer. It felt like a really good use-it-up meal.

Thoughts: Have to go grocery shopping on Friday, so it won’t be a $0 day. But I’ve had three in a row! I guess I’ll gas up my car tomorrow too, just since I have to spend money already. Might as well group it together. I still haven’t bought any “things” this month!

I need to look through my garden seeds and see if I need to order anything. I’ll probably place a small order on Feb 1 and start getting my indoor seed station set up.

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