Money I spent: $25.52 to gas up my car. Used my 20c/gallon reward at Smiths! Also $4.00 at Target for a box of cereal and loaf of bread for Sabrina.

Money I avoided spending: Avoided all the cute spring and Easter “stuff” at Target! I also really wanted to hit the coffee aisle at Target because they have different varieties than our usual grocery store. But we just bought coffee, so I skipped it!

Extra money I found or made: sold on eBay: vintage camera $7, framed folk art poster print $37, neck gaiter $7.

Use-it-Up Challenge: For dinner used some chicken breasts from the freezer to make crockpot Butter Chicken. To keep it keto-friendly we served it over roasted cauliflower. Delicious!

Thoughts: Being on fiscal fast is a lot like being on keto. My decision-making process is so much easier and streamlined when I can see something I want (say, a Spring decor item or a piece of cake), and just say immediately, “No, I can’t have that right now.” The key is the “right now.” It reminds me that yes, someday I can have it; I’m not saying no FOREVER. Just, right now I’m not doing that. This eliminates my own mental gymnastics that I always do to convince myself to just TREAT YOSELF and get/eat whatever I want, inevitably leading to some bad decisions, excess money spent, and excess calories consumed! So… no, I’m not doing that right now.

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