Money I spent: $7 for Sabrina’s lunch at McDonald’s after her volleyball pictures. $34 for volleyball pictures. $74 for groceries. I knew our groceries would be pretty high because our list was very long! But, we still stuck to our list and didn’t just start buying stuff willy-nilly. I used several coupons, both paper and electronic, which saved us about $18. I think we have enough to get us through the week, unless we need to stop for a vegetable for our Thursday dinner. We’ll see if we have anything left on Thursday! If not, I’ll stop at Sprouts for something green.

Money I avoided spending: Specifically did NOT eat out after vb pictures due to fiscal fast! Sabrina was starving, so couldn’t deny her food, but the adults didn’t NEED to eat. Also one of the dads at volleyball pictures was interested in the “Action shot poster” photo option. It’s basically a big poster of your player, where they come take action photos at another separate photo shoot. He was like, “ooh this is so cool! Are you all getting this?” And one of the other moms started to consider it. I laughed pretty hard. I told them that firstly, it’s another $40, so now that’s $75 for pictures. Secondly, we don’t need action shots at age 13. But mainly, it’s just another thing that would end up in a drawer or tub somewhere and never be seen. I also suggested that when his player is a senior in high school, maybe that would be a good time to do something like that. I also reminded him that if you do it when they are 13, you are setting a precedent and will then have to do it every year. I think they both decided against it. Really none of my business what other parents do, it just seemed extra ridiculous.

Extra money I found or made: eBay: sold pair of jeans for $47, some cabinet hardware for $43, and some Noritake salad bowls for $43.

Use-it-Up Challenge: At lunch (instead of going out), we had a cheese plate at home, and used up the last of a few cheeses, and the last of a packet of salami. The cheeses were even clearance (we call them WooHoo! Cheese because of the yellow WooHoo sale sticker) cheeses (so $2 instead of $8 for a wedge).

Thoughts: I have a few things I need to buy in February, but I’d like to continue my Fiscal Fast journey on into 2020. Sabrina’s birthday will require some spending, and I need a comfortable pair of glasses. But if I do that shopping on Feb 1-2, I could go back into FF mode for the rest of Feb and on through March. I’d like to continue on it pretty hard core, especially in the GROCERIES and SHOPPING categories, throughout 2020. I am ok spending money on travel though, and the dining out that comes with it. 🙂

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