Money I spent: $0! Left work a little early due to weather. Played volleyball at lunch time so no temptations there.

Money I avoided spending: Nothing, really. Didn’t go anywhere. I had thought for a minute about stopping at Sprouts for a dinner vegetable, but figured our leftover artichokes would be enough, and they were!

Extra money I found or made: eBay: sold a pair of shoes for $23 and a set of Feng Shui candles for $25.

Use-it-Up Challenge: Used up our leftover artichokes at dinner, along with a pork roast that’s been in the freezer a while.

Thoughts: The grocery list for this weekend is getting kind of long (long for a fiscal fast month anyway). I hope we can keep it under $50! I just gathered up all my Smiths coupons that might help. I also need to load up coupons on my phone app.

Also… I want to keep the grocery budget and use-it-up challenge mentality going throughout all of 2020. Pretty soon we’ll have to buy more meat, but we’ll hit the loss leaders each week until we have some reserves built up. I’d like to spend a little more on some quality fish (sea bass, orange roughy, etc.) and maybe some shrimp at Sprouts or Whole Foods, just to mix it up a little. We’ve been having a LOT of beef and a LOT of eggs!

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