Money I spent: $0! Home sick, though feeling fine now. Didn’t need anything so didn’t go buy anything!

Money I avoided spending: Thought for a nanosecond about stopping at the grocery store for milk and almond milk, but then realized we don’t NEED them right now; we are just out of them. I think we can wait until Friday night grocery shopping.

Extra money I found or made: Sold on eBay: Set of 5 vintage Girl Scouts badges for $24, plus 3 old forks for $11, and an old cheese slicer for $12.

Use-it-Up Challenge: Nothing really. Couldn’t even quite get around to making dinner even though I could have pulled something together if I tried really hard. Instead, we had takeout pizza (Ed paid).

Thoughts: It’s the 15th, so about halfway through the month! I have not bought one item that I could categorize as “shopping.” All I’ve bought so far are minimal groceries, dining out, and bills. There was something I was going to add to my February “to buy” list, but I can’t remember what it was, so I guess I didn’t want or need it that bad!

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