Money I spent: $6.48 at Sprouts for eggs, cream cheese, and 4 avocados. $32.41 to gas up my car.

Money I avoided spending: Sprouts has lovely selection of eggs. Lots of different sizes, colors, and life stories. I was tempted to buy a $6 dozen of eggs just to see if they tasted different than the $1 eggs I usually buy at Smiths. But since it’s Fiscal Fast month, I went with the cheapest option, the $2.49 cage-free Sprouts brand eggs. I wanted 2 more things at Sprouts – a jar of almond butter and a bag of stevia-sweetened chocolate chips, both to make some keto fat bombs for snacks. But they were $5.99 each! Also the chocolate chips had erythritol in them, which I think is hard on my stomach. SO I skipped both of those things and saved myself $11.98!

Extra money I found or made: Sold a Phat Pharm shirt for $54, a Ralph Lauren skirt for $35, and a needlepoint kit for $10. I would say I probably paid $1-2 for each of those, but I don’t specifically remember buying them.

Use-it-Up Challenge: Had a fend for yourself (FFY) dinner at home last night and just threw together some chaffles (cheese waffles) with some mozzarella and eggs we had on hand.

Thoughts: Went home from work sick — exhausted, chills, and stomach pain. I think too much erythritol could be the cause of the stomach pain, but doesn’t explain the chills or exhaustion. I’m staying home on Wednesday just to see if I’m sick-sick.

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