Money I spent: Around $6.50 for Sabrina’s lunch at McDonald’s. Then $35.71 for dinner for the 3 of us at Chipotle after the tournament. Some accidental financial wins at Chipotle included them not charging us for double meat, only charging us for 1 guacamole instead of 2, and charging us for small drinks but giving us big cups (they were out of small cups). I typically don’t splurge on the guacamole or extra meat, but since we’re doing keto, I just go for it for the extra fat and meat, and end up with enough for 2 meals.

Money I avoided spending: We took our own snacks to the tournament and had those for lunch!

Extra money I found or made: eBay: Sold a set of vintage Easter ornaments (sugar eggs) for $100. I bought them at Goodwill for $2 a couple of months ago.

Use-it-Up Challenge: Nothing really other than snacks in the fridge for lunch.

Thoughts: We didn’t get around to making a meal plan for the week so we’ll be winging it — always dangerous.

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