Money I spent: $54.50 at Walmart for Groceries! I am considering this to be UNDER my $50 weekly grocery budget simply because I had to buy cheese for the volleyball tournament “community snack” situation this weekend, and that was $7. So for the family groceries, I only spent $47.50! I think at some point I will probably have to stop at Sprouts for a dinner vegetable, like I did this week, but that’s ok. Even with an extra $10 during the week for special things, I’m still under $60/week for groceries, which is less than half our normal grocery spending per week!

Money I avoided spending: I had the impulse to buy a bunch of cheese for us at home, too. The ones I picked for volleyball looked so good. But knowing we have some at home, and it would put me over budget, made me stop and not get it.

Extra money I found or made: $15 paid back to me for a Christmas thing. $15 for a pair of shoes on eBay.

Use-it-Up Challenge: We have a ton of steak leftover from our amazing ribeyes the other night, so we should be using those up for several days. I think I’ll take some as a snack to the volleyball tournament today!

Thoughts: I have not done anything this month that could be categorized as “shopping,” which feels really good. I am getting back to listing on eBay as of today. I have a goal for 150 new listings in January, so I better get busy.

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