Money I spent: $0!

Money I avoided spending: I wanted to run into Dollar Tree for a $1 bottle of laundry soap, but decided to have a $0 day instead. πŸ™‚ I’ll go tomorrow, since I need to go to Sprouts for a dinner vegetable anyway. Plus they are right next to each other, so I get the gas-saving benefit of errand-grouping.

Extra money I found or made: Finally got my volleyball coaching paycheck! $500 after taxes for 2 solid months of work. I don’t need anything right now, so it can go straight to savings. Also sold on eBay a ceramic mold for Christmas village villagers ($51), a pair of pajama pants ($9), and a set of cabinet handle things ($47). Hey I made money from 2 side hustles in one day! Plus my full-time job.

Use-it-Up Challenge: Bought a head of cauliflower for a Christmas salad then decided who needs salad on Christmas anyway so didn’t use it. Used it up today! Roasted it in the oven and used as a base for our crockpot butter chicken. SO GOOD. Plus had a can of green beans for something green.

Thoughts: Must make butter chicken recipe again.

One comment

  1. Money spent: $40 on gas for the truck.

    Money I avoided spending: I wandered around Cabela’s after I dropped Sabrina off at volleyball. Saw lots of things I liked, including a red Henley style shirt on sale for $20. But…kept my wallet in my pocket because it’s FF month. πŸ™‚

    Thoughts: Doing good now. On track for more $0 days on Thursday and Friday, hopefully.


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