Money I spent: $19.50 at Sprouts for some things. Making crockpot butter chicken tomorrow and need garam masala and tomatoes, also picked up 2 keto snack bars for work emergencies, and 3 avocados for $1. The garam masala was a typical spice jar size for $5.99 so that was kind of expensive. That means we get to make a lot more Indian food I guess! Also spent $34.43 gassing up my car. It was down perilously close to empty, so that’s an entire tank worth of gas.

Money I avoided spending: Really wanted to peruse the shelves for “keto snacks” but I knew the pre-packaged stuff would be expensive and NOT the healthiest choice for me.

Extra money I found or made: I found out today that my paycheck for coaching volleyball at the school is ready to be picked up! I’ll go get it tomorrow. 🙂

Use-it-Up Challenge: Used up some things from the fridge/freezer (ground beef, part of an onion, a romaine lettuce heart, some cabbage that’s been in there a while, etc.) to make tacos for dinner. I had my tacos on a bed of cabbage sauteed in avocado oil instead of using taco shells, to be keto-compliant. I also used 3 very ripe avocados in our dinner — 1 was made into guacamole and 2 were sliced, rolled in egg and almond meal, and fried until crispy. Then dipped in ranch. Avocado fries!

Thoughts: Avocado fries are freaking good. A little lime makes all Mexican food even a little bit better.

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  1. Money I spent: $1.70 for a prescription refill. Otherwise almost a $0 day.

    Money I avoided spending: No real temptation to spend anything today. First day back to work. Went to the base gym, didn’t feel the need to have a Keva Juice smoothie, since it’s not keto.

    Thoughts: Initial shopping to buy food for keto meals is expensive, but I save a lot of money by not buying impulse foods (like $9 post-workout smoothies) because they’re not ketogenic. i.e., FF + Keto = $$$ saved!


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