Money I spent: $0! I should have probably gassed up my car but I forgot. I’ll do it on 1/7.

Money I avoided spending: Saw a basket at Target for $15 that I thought was cool. It would latch to the wire shelving I use for eBay storage. I was like, OOH that’s cool! What could I put in there? Then I realized that if I didn’t know why I needed it, I didn’t need it. So didn’t buy it. Also decided to skip the traditional boba tea on the way to volleyball practice. It’s not on my diet right now anyway, and we saved about $13.

Extra money I found or made: n/a

Use-it-Up Challenge: Used up some semi-old mushrooms in dinner! Had my Blaze Pizza leftovers for breakfast.

Thoughts: We need to do our meal plan, so we don’t end up buying expensive food on the way home or going out when we don’t need to.

One comment

  1. Money I spent: $0! Back to back zero dollar days. I didn’t leave the house except to go to BJJ and hit the post office.

    Money I avoided spending: Sometimes after the 6 AM BJJ class, I like to get a Hundred Hands Nitro Cold Brew. They serve it right in the gym, $4 a cup. I always want one, but I’m keeping with the FF rules, because I don’t “need” one.

    Thoughts: Hopefully now that we’re back to work and back on our regular schedules, $0 days will come easier and more often.


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