Money I spent: $64.46. This was $29.40 for dinner for 2 at Chipotle. I had to make a finance-vs-keto decision, and ended up splurging on the guacamole and double meat for my steak bowl (since I can’t get rice or beans or tortilla). Also, it is grocery day and thankfully our list was SHORT. Groceries this week were $35.06 (compared to our usual $125). I only got what was on the list. This also included 2 bags of string cheese for the volleyball team.

Money I avoided spending: I avoided buying anything that wasn’t on the grocery list!

Extra money I found or made: Sold some ornaments on eBay for a total of $57.54.

Use-it-Up Challenge: Decided while at Walmart that we could use up our packets of lemonade mix that we don’t love instead of buying some new boxes of our favorite flavors.

Thoughts: We will have to pay to park and get into the volleyball tournament and likely dinner out, both 1/4 and 1/5. So I won’t have a $0 day for a while! But I can try to keep it low low. 🙂 Happy fasting, y’all.

One comment

  1. Money I spent: $78.91. $11 at Chipotle, $28 at Lowes, $40 for my BJJ seminar. The Lowes and seminar costs were necessary. Chipotle really wasn’t. With some better planning, I could have eaten before I left the house to go do errands and attend the seminar.

    Money I avoided spending:Put off my Walgreens trip for another day. That was about it.

    Thoughts: It’ll be a spendy weekend with the volleyball tournament happening. Will try and keep things to a minimum. Keto will help us stay away from the concessions. I’m mentally prepared to eat right or don’t eat at all.


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