Happy New Year and Fiscal Fast 2020!

Fiscal Fast 2020 is upon us, and not one second too soon! If you don’t know what Fiscal Fast is, read the rules regarding what you CAN spend money on, and what you CANNOT spend money on. Then, at the end of each day, come back and add to the comments your daily report. I like to report each day on Money I Spent, Money I Avoided Spending, Extra Money I found or Made, Use-it-Up Challenge Progress, and any other Thoughts I may have about the day.

Money I spent: $0. I am not leaving the house today as far as I know, and I won’t be buying anything online either!

Money I avoided spending: I’ve just turned the heat down to 60 for the rest of the day. Sometimes when it’s cold, I’ll crank it back up to 70 for about an hour before bed, then it goes to 55 for overnight. We sleep under warm blankets and an electric blanket with the room nice and cold!

Extra money I found or made: Sold on eBay: 1 set of vintage Christmas ornaments for $28 including shipping. I think I bought these for about $1.

Use-it-Up Challenge: nothing really today

Thoughts: I love day 1 of Fiscal Fast each year! I look forward to it all of December (and the last half of November some years). I’m really looking forward to being in control of my $ and shoving about half of my income into savings this January. I’m also looking forward to putting a stop to the frivolous spending I find myself doing at the end of the year.

Doing the Keto diet while we are doing Fiscal Fast might be a bit of a challenge, but maybe it won’t be. We have plenty of eggs, and we have some meats in our freezer. We have the odd grocery items already purchased (coconut oil, ghee, almond flour, etc.) so we don’t need to buy those again for a while. Hopefully, we can just restock our meats and fresh veggies each week for $50 or less. We also have lots of ham and turkey leftover from Christmas (in the freezer), plus the bone broths we made from the turkey and ham bones. I have been sipping on the turkey broth like tea for the past couple of days, with extra salt and some lemon pepper added. It’s really tasty and the electrolytes make me feel better.

FACEBOOK GROUP: I have updated my old Facebook group for our January 2020 Fiscal Fast Month. Join if you’d like! I’ll be tracking my January in both places. 🙂 https://www.facebook.com/groups/fiscalfasters/

Copy/paste this into the comments below and add your daily report!

Money I spent:
Money I avoided spending:
Extra money I found or made:
Use-it-Up Challenge:


  1. Jan. 2, 2020 So today we bought a little piece of ham and some cranberries to go with the homemade dressing that I did not cook for Christmas. Also some onions for the next time we make soup. So today was a total of $10.09. Enjoyed the light snow this afternoon.

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  2. Happy New Year to all!! We started the Fiscal Fast with a pretty good day. We bought 5 pounds potatoes and a large can of spinach to go with our black eyed peas. We saw something on the internet that said blackeyed peas were in celebration of the good luck you had last year and if you eat spinach with them that is good for your finances in the next year and then you are supposed to have some ham also – don’t remember what that was for. All in all, $6.04. Today we are going to buy some cranberries as I like to have some cranberry sauce around this time of year to go with lots of different things. Good luck to all!

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  3. Money I spent: $47. Gas. Tried to fill up on 12/31 but the pumps at Smith’s were down. I’ll shoot for a $0 day on 1/2.

    Money I avoided spending: Sometimes I like to treat myself to a Starbucks coffee or some delicious fast food after jiu-jitsu, but I kept my wallet in my pocket and drove home. (Being on keto helped with that decision, too.

    Thoughts: I need this FF. The last two months, I’ve overspent my budget by over $1,000. I’m ready to underspend for the next couple of months.

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